Motor self-propelled blower / vacuum cleaner VPTC 8520


Product specification

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Category Leaf blowers
Engine type BS 500 E
Engine displacement 140 cm³
Engine power / rpm 2.12 kW
Maximum exhaust speed 43 m/s
Fuel capacity 0.8 l
Oil capacity 0.47 l
Engine speed 3400 min⁻¹
Drive type Self-propelled
Operation speed 3.4 km/h
Collection bag capacity 150 l
Suction height 15 - 50 mm
Intake air speed 26 m/s
Working tilt angle < 20⁰
Dimensions LxWxH 1305 x 602 x 1080 mm
Net weight 40 kg
Gross weight 43 kg



Multifunctional cleaning machine. A machine of modular design that can be used as a multifunctional machine to perform various tasks with the help of various additional elements.

The machine is recommended for restaurants and hotels for cleaning parking lots, concrete surfaces, as well as for air cleaning of lawns around these facilities.

Accessories (purchased separately):

Cleaning disc:

Used for cleaning of ground. When you come across garbage stuck on the ground or wet leaves stuck on the ground that are difficult to collect - use a cleaning disc (broom disc). This brush does not damage the ground.

Comb brush:

Used for combing of lawns. Use a comb brush on the lawn. The steel claws on it will pick up trash wrapped around the roots of the grass.

Auxiliary hose and intake manifold port:

Exhausts or sucks up waste in a space where the device cannot enter. When the suction port is completely closed with a valve, it maximizes the suction (vacuum) of the hose.


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