Engine-Powered Crushing Machine VPC 250 S


Product specification

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Category Crushing and chopping machines
Engine type Villager® VGR 250 H
Displacement 212 cm³
Engine power / rpm 4.1 kW / 3400 rpm
Diameter (central chisel) 12 mm
Central chisel system Cylinder-shaped blade
Diameter (side chisel) 76 mm
Side chisel system Flying knife system
Weight approx. 84 kg


VPC 250C is a machine made for field work. It is equipped with two cutting systems. The central chisel is convenient for producing finer biomass, used for making briquettes. The side chisel is convenient for branches of a larger diameter (up to 76mm). It simultaneously cuts and crushes, thus making a biomass convenient for composting.


  • Wheels for easy maneuvering
  • Robust construction
  • Ear muffs and safety goggles

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