Modula - automated vertical warehousing

What happens after you buy a new device? 

We take care of the processes after the sale of a new device: our associates provide technical support to all our partners, take care of the product, the customer, as well as of supplying the partner network with parts and additional equipment.

With over a hundred service stations, tens of thousands of available parts, Villager strengthens its position in the field of after-sales services. With the introduction of automatic warehousing, the speed and accuracy of the delivered components are now at the highest level. Operators do not have to move within the warehouse when picking up the goods, but the products are delivered directly.

Automated vertical warehousing improves our logistics processes, keeps inventory under control, and contributes to easier warehouse management.

Automated retrieval systems simplify all warehouse operations, increase productivity, and increase ergonomics. You can save space, shorten the time, and guarantee safety and efficiency for your staff.

The space within the system is almost 100% utilized, as is the possibility of eliminating potential errors. The precision during storage is extremely high, as well as the speed when separating the parts.

Using simple and intuitive tools, each operator can identify products that need to be stored or downloaded, which directly causes a drastic reduction of errors and saves time. Automated vertical storage is characterized by a high degree of efficiency, for receiving and delivering parts, as well as faster manipulation within the warehouse.

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